St. Teresa's National School,

Scoil Treasa Naofa

Kilflynn, Co. Kerry

Pencil Grip

Step One: Place pencil flat on the table with the point facing towards the child.

Step Two: The child should pinch the end of the pencil facing them with their thumb and index finger.

Step Three: The child should pull the pencil back (with their other hand) so that the pencil is sitting between their thumb and index finger (this has been called the pinch and flip method in school).

Step Four: The child’s middle finger should sit under the pencil so as to help hold the pencil (this is called the helping finger).

Step Five: The child’s ring and little finger should ‘hide’- rest against the palm of their hand.

Step Six: The child checks their fingers: Pinchers, Helper, Hiders.

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